How To Renew Your Trend Micro Antivirus Subscription?

Antivirus is the security guard that shields you, protects you, blocks any incognito person to enter and fight for any hostile and spiteful infection entrance into the computer. The feature of blocking the site that contains malicious bugs is the aspect of Trend Micro Security Software. There is no user who isn’t impressed with its amazing protection guarantee. Trend Micro Technical Support Canada is there for your assistance to guide and tell you it’s brightly designed attributes.

Once opted, if you want to try again, you are required to renew its subscription. Renewal of subscription means re-purchase of license for one or two years and to renew it, it is required to open the main console of the site. Then, enter the same serial number or the license number which you entered while purchasing it for the first time.

To Activate It, You Are Required To Undergo A Short And Easy Process:-

  • At first, open your web browser and look for the application for subscription.
  • Once located, you are required to click on the Trend Micro Account.
  • Enter your sign-in credentials by typing the email address and passphrase in the specified fields.
  • Then, look at the left side of the page and check the blue box above the auto-renew link.
  • That must be indicated with “Renew now”. Click on that box with blue and white to renew your subscription.
  • Then, the page will start loading and will re-direct you to the renewal of license.
  • The page will switch to the online market where the purchase will begin.
  • It is crucial to obey the instructions for completing the purchase.
  • If you are completed with the process, close the program by clicking on OK.

Initially, Trend Micro services do not hamper and create any sort of disturbance, still if you feel any hurdle during the process, speedily dial our Trend Micro Support Canada Number +1-844-478-5758 and reach our youthful skilled technicians, who work day and night to solve the problems of our puzzled clients.

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